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The staff working in Studio Fonzar is first and foremost a family. From the four generations of dentists from whom the studio takes its name to all the medical colleagues and administrative staff, the approach to the patient is always the same: to ensure they feel comfortable.
Ours is an approach of care, skill and kindness.

Dott. Alberto Fonzar - Medico Chirurgo, Odontoiatra, Parodontologia, Protesi e Implantologia
Dr. Alberto Fonzar
Medical Surgeon
Dental specialist in Periodontology, Prosthesis and Implantology
Dott.ssa Federica Fonzar - Medico Chirurgo. Odontoiatra. Endodonzia, Traumatologia e Conservativa
Dr. Federica Fonzar
Medical Surgeon
Dental specialist in Endodontics, Traumatology and Conservative Dentistry
Dott. Riccardo Fabian Fonzar - Odontoiatra, Conservativa, Protesi e Parodontologia
Dr. Riccardo Fabian Fonzar
Dental specialist in Conservative Dentistry, Prosthesis and Periodontology
Dott.ssa Laura Balducci - Odontoiatra, Specialista in Ortodonzia
Dr. Laura Balducci
Dental specialist in Orthodontics
Dott.ssa Melania Lupatelli - Odontoiatra, Medicina e Patologia Orale
Dr. Melania Lupatelli
Dental specialist in Medicine and Oral Pathology
Dott.ssa Marinella Marigo - Igienista dentale
Dr. Marinella Marigo
Dental hygienist
Dott.ssa Cristina Moreale - Igienista dentale
Dr. Cristina Moreale
Dental hygienist
Dott.ssa Germana Uliana - Igienista dentale
Dr. Germana Uliana
Dental hygienist
Maria Grazia Riva - Assistente alla poltrona, Responsabile assistenti alla poltrona
Maria Grazia Riva
Dental assistant
Dental assistant manager
Annarita Del Forno - Assistente alla poltrona
Annarita Del Forno
Dental assistant
Cinzia Miotti - Responsabile amministrativa
Cinzia Miotti
Administration manager
Monica Tuzzi - Addetta front-desk e Customer care
Monica Tuzzi
Receptionist at the front desk responsible for customer care and appointment scheduling.
Ivana Nadalin - Responsabile igiene ambienti interni e benessere del personale
Ivana Nadalin
Office hygiene and staff wellbeing manager
Gianni Rosso - Odontotecnico
Gianni Rosso
Dental technician
Riccardo Puccini - Odontotecnico
Riccardo Puccini
Dental technician
Massimiliano Accioli - Odontotecnico
Massimiliano Accioli
Dental technician

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