Although dental caries can often go unnoticed, if you suffer from the following symptoms:
– pain or discomfort drinking cold liquids
– pain caused by chewing
– pain or discomfort eating sweet foods
– dark patch on the tooth
– tooth decay

you may be suffering from dental caries in an advanced state and we would recommend that you book an immediate appointment with a qualified dentist.

Who treats dental caries in our studio?

Dr. Federica Fonzar

Dr. Riccardo Fabian Fonzar

How we treat dental caries

The primary objective is to preserve the natural tooth: therefore the first course of treatment – which is also the most effective – is to prevent cavities from forming by ensuring proper dental hygiene, limited intake of sugar in the diet and fluoride prophylaxis.

If the cavity has already formed, it necessitates outpatient treatment to remove the entire part of the tooth damaged by the bacteria. Once the cavity has been cleaned, the natural shape of the tooth will be restored with an aesthetic filling. Depending on the position of the tooth and the masticatory and aesthetic necessities, the restoration may be either direct (classic filling) or indirect (inlay, facet). In the latter case, the restored tooth is first made using composite resin or ceramics by the dental technician and then added to the tooth by the dentist.

What is a dental carie?

A dental cavity is a cavity in the enamel and in the deeper layer (dentine), caused by bacteria in the plaque. Their onset may be facilitated by teeth being too close together or by deep grooves which make effective cleaning more difficult. If left untreated, it may deepen, reaching the pulp (nerve) and rendering it dead. This will lead to further complications such as abscesses, granulomas, periodontitis, and ultimately resulting in the complete destruction of the tooth.

It is important to note that frequently a cavity, even a deep one, will not cause any discomfort. This is why it is important to refer yourself to a dentist for regular checkups, even if there is no discomfort.

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