Wisdom teeth

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If your wisdom teeth:

– are causing pain
– are not not adequately brushed by the patient, given their position in the far back of the mouth or because they have not fully erupted
– are significantly decayed
– are causing damage to the adjacent teeth

we recommend you book an appointment immediately with a qualified dentist.

Who extracts wisdom teeth in our studio?

Dr. Alberto Fonzar

Dr. Riccardo Fabian Fonzar

How we extract a wisdom tooth

A careful pre-estraction exam is carried out, using three-dimensional radiography if necessary, to establish the location of the tooth in relation to sensitive anatomical features (inferior alveolar nerve, maxillary sinus). This minimises the risks during the operation and allows the necessary planning for surgery.

The complexity of the extraction, which is usually non-traumatic and always painless, may change depending on its position and the shape of its roots.

Levels of postoperative pain can vary and there is no correlation to the complexity of the extraction. If there is pain, it is usually manageable with anti-inflammatory medication and painkillers.

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