Cosmetic dentistry

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If you have any of the following smile flaws:

– Dark or grey teeth
– Brown or yellowish teeth
– Misshapen teeth
– “Lengthening” of the teeth
– Exposed roots

we recommend you book an appointment for cosmetic dental treatment. Contact a qualified dentist immediately to identify the most suitable treatment for you.

Who takes care of cosmetic dentistry in our studio?

Dr. Alberto Fonzar

Dr. Federica Fonzar

Dr. Riccardo Fabian Fonzar

How we take care of our patients cosmetic dentistry

The main cosmetic treatments are dental whitening, covering any exposed dental roots, closing “black” spaces and dental veneers.

Dental whitening is intended to improve the colour of teeth.  Treatment in the studio consists of applying a hydrogen-peroxide based whitening agent in either a single appointment or in two, depending on the individual patient.

In the case of gum recession – which may be caused, for example, by over-rigorous brushing – one part of the root is exposed and the tooth appears longer. This cosmetic concern can be treated surgically to cover the exposed section of root.

Increased space between teeth can create dark areas between the teeth. This cosmetic imperfection can be reduced by using a composite resin to correct the profiles of the adjacent teeth.

In cases where, aside from the colour, there are cosmetic concerns regarding the shape of  teeth, covering a part of the tooth in wafer-thin porcelain “sheets” (dental veneers) may be an effective solution to improve an appealing smile.

What is cosmetic dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry is the branch of dentistry dealing with improving the aesthetic appeal of the patient’s teeth. Appearance plays a vital role in our society. Ensuring a beautiful smile should not be considered vain, it is a way of making the most of yourself and your social status.

The most common interventions are:

– whitening of natural teeth
– covering exposed roots with gingival grafts
– correcting the black spaces between the teeth, often caused by periodontitis (pyorrhoea)
– correcting dental anomalies
– applying porcelain dental veneers

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