How we treat

How do we treat and what happens when you contact us?

All our patients become a part of our family, and are provided with a treatment plan that is always personalised, to meet their specific treatment requirements with interventions that guarantee the long-term quality of the chosen treatments.

What happens when you contact us? Here we would like to offer you a brief overview of the welcome you will receive at Studio Fonzar and the treatment process.

How we treat?

Discover your course of treatment at Studio Fonzar.

We formulate a tailor-made treatment plan for each patient with respect to their teeth, their goals and their specific needs.

First appointment

Upon entering the studio, you will be welcomed with a smile and the care of our customer service staff. Should you wish, you will be offered a coffee or soft drink. Monica, Cinzia and Massimiliano will always stand ready to assist you in filling out your personal file, which will remain with you throughout all your future treatments at the studio.

Maria Grazia, Annarita or Alessia will then accompany you to your assigned doctor. Informed by the primary information gathered by Monica, they will carry out a thorough primary check in order to establish an accurate diagnosis. This is vital for building a suitable treatment plan for your specific needs. The treatment plan will therefore be tailor-made to fit you, with your goals and your needs in mind.

Initial contact

Your first contact, whether by telephone or in person, will be with Monica, our customer care manager, who will ask you a series of questions to establish your exact circumstances and problems that require treatment. At the end of your talk, should you wish, Monica will book you an appointment with one of our five dentists for a first appointment.

Price quote

Based on the preliminary or definitive treatment plan, it will be up to Cinzia, our administrative manager, to establish a maximum quote for the treatments necessary to help you.

Together with her, you will be able to establish the most suitable method of payment for you, to ensure you are able to proceed to the treatment phase with peace of mind, safe in the knowledge that you will be receiving treatment of the highest quality, suited to your financial situation.

The dentist in Udine for the whole family:

Children, Adults, Seniors

Primary care: hygienist

Should there be no urgent treatments requiring immediate intervention, you will have an initial appointment with one of our three dental hygienists, Marinella, Cristina or Germana. The type and duration of the appointment will vary depending on the diagnosis (whether or not any periodontal diseases have been identified) and the initial level of hygiene.

The purpose of the primary care with the hygienist is to bring your oral cavity up to the ideal state for successive treatments, in addition to teaching you to effectively manage your domestic oral hygiene routine. In case of periodontal diseases, the purpose of the first appointment with the hygienist will be to halt the progression of the disease through a non-surgical periodontal treatment, a specialisation of Studio Fonzar.

Primary information

During the first appointment we will collect your primary documentation, consisting of photographs of the entire mouth, intra-oral x-rays and studio models (impression plaster).

All of the collected primary information, which is always made available to the patient, makes it easier to resolve any potential future issues that may arise. With a fractured tooth, for example, the initial impression provides a reference point regarding the shape, and the photos provide information regarding the colour and anatomical detail, all of which may be used during the reconstruction phase to ensure an accurate outcome.

The studio models (impressions) are a faithful reproduction of the shape of the teeth and gums on your first day in the studio, making them an indispensable starting point.


At the end of this process, the most important phase begins. Our goal is always to preserve the natural teeth of our patients: wherever possible, the treatment will take your teeth into account, within the bigger picture of the complete recovery of your oral health.

Maintaining the results over time

Once the treatment phase is complete, we will work together to create a standard checkup plan to ensure regular checks of your oral health and to prevent any new problems from arising. This plan will take into account your original treatment framework, your cooperation in maintaining oral hygiene at home and any increased risk factors.

A vast body of research has demonstrated that this phase, known as “adjuvant therapy” is essential for maintaining results over time.