Studio Fonzar: the dentist in Udine always close to your smile.

Centre for the maintenance of natural teeth.

For four generations, Studio Fonzar, a dentist in Udine, has been caring for your smile with one goal in mind: to preserve patients’ natural teeth.

We do this in the best possible way, welcoming you into a unique, comfortable, state-of-the-art environment and treating your problem in a decisive and lasting way, following customised treatment paths.

Our competence is also recognised by our colleagues, who often involve us for particularly difficult operations to take care of their patients.

What does it mean to be a patient of the Fonzar practice?

  • It means going out after the first appointment (first visit) with a clear diagnosis, thus knowing whether I am ill, what I am ill with, and what the severity of the illness is.
  • It means knowing all the therapeutic alternatives available for the treatment of one’s illness and the resolution of one’s problem.
  • It means treating the illness by taking care of the patient.
  • It means treating the patient as if he were a child or relative, with full respect for his interests.
  • It means customising the strategies for solving the problem while respecting the patient’s wishes, fears and possibilities.
  • It means following and pursuing our motto ‘We prefer teeth’, strictly favouring teeth over artificial substitutes.
  • It means saving natural teeth and fighting for their preservation.
  • It means maintaining the results obtained even after 30-40-50 years.
  • It means being welcomed into an exclusive environment: exclusive in terms of professionalism, competence, hygiene, aesthetics.
  • It means feeling no pain.
  • It means coming to visit us and being happy to do so.
  • It means being welcomed in a green oasis.

Why choose Fonzar Dental Practice

When we take care of you, you become part of our family.

We will accompany you throughout your life without any loss in the health of your smile.

Our skills and manual dexterity, recognised as effective and gentle, ensure that treatment is painless and long-lasting, offering added value to your investment.

The dentist in Udine for the whole family:

Children, Adults, Seniors

What we treat?

Discover our treatments.

We effectively treat periodontal disease, caries and all other diseases of the oral cavity.

Identify your problem.

How we treat?

Discover your course of treatment at Studio Fonzar.

We formulate a tailor-made treatment plan for each patient with respect to their teeth, their goals and their specific needs.

The dentist in Udine for the whole family:

Children, Adults, Seniors

Studio Fonzar: our numbers.

Always close to your smile.

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