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If you encounter one of the following problems:
– excessive movement of a tooth
– loss of a tooth
– instability of mobile prosthetics (full or partial denture)

you may require a dental implant; we would recommend that you book an immediate appointment with a qualified dentist.

Operiamo chirurgicamento sugli impianti dentali

Who is responsible for implants  in our studio?

Implants: how, when and why?

We prefer to preserve the natural teeth, however on occasion it becomes necessary to turn to artificial prosthetics. The implants are used to replace one or more teeth that are either already missing or necessitate extraction owing to irreversible damage – this is particularly recommended when the teeth adjacent to the missing one are whole and healthy – or to stabilise a removable dental prosthesis.

The process of implants essentially requires two phases. In the first, which is painless and carried out under anaesthetic, the implant is inserted into the mandibular or maxillary bones. The second phase, which comes 3-6 months later (the necessary time-frame for the tissue to recover and for the implant to stabilise with the bone), sees the “new” tooth attached to the implant.

Be aware that, much like teeth, implants can also be damaged and suffer bone loss (Peri-implantitis). Therefore, should you experience pain and bleeding from an implant, request a meeting with a qualified dentist.

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What is implantology?

Implantology is the discipline dealing with replacement of teeth with titanium screw inserts into the mandibular and/or maxillary bones. These are commonly known as implants and are designed to fix and support a partial or complete dental prosthesis. The biocompatible nature of titanium is designed to ensure the implants integrate into the bone, becoming one unit: this is referred to as an osseointegrated implant.

There are four purposes for implants:
– replacing a single tooth
– replacing several contiguous missing teeth (bridge)
– replacing a mobile prosthesis (removable partial denture) with a fixed one
– stabilising a full prosthesis (dentures).

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Oral implantology / pag. 181-200

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