We prefer teeth, and want your children’s teeth to always be healthy, because nobody produces teeth like you do. Natural teeth are irreplaceable.

This is why we take care of the oral health of our younger patients from the first years of their life through preventive oral hygiene where possible and corrective treatments where necessary.

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We recommend an appointment already in the first year of your baby’s life, to get to know our little patient and the state of their teeth, prevent potential diseases and avoid bad habits (use of unsuitable dummies, excessive sugar in their diet).

fter the first appointment, regular checkups allow us to monitor the dental health and proper development of the teeth, as well as ensuring our young patient becomes familiarised with the environment, thereby avoiding eventual traumatic connotations at the moment of need (pain).

We work in a quiet and relaxed environment, reducing stress, including with introductory appointments, in order to create a bond of reciprocal trust and understanding, without anxiety and fear.

The dentist in Udine for the whole family:

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Who takes care of oral hygiene in our studio?

Dr. Chiara Solidoro