Riccardo Puccini

Dental technician

Accioli Massimiliano was born in Florence on 22/07/1970.
He graduated from the Leonardo Da Vinci Institute in 1989.
He began to visit a tiny laboratory located within a prestigious dental studio at the age of 14 for the duration of his first academic year. The following year he was given the opportunity to introduce himself in a renowned laboratory in Florence. He stayed there for 14 years, until 1999, when he became an associate and later left. During his early years he gained work experience at various types of laboratories, from mobile prostheses to skeletal and combined, until finally he specialised in the production of implant-fixed prostheses and prosthetic implants such as Overdenture and Toronto Bridge.
Working in partnership with the University of Florence, with an emphasis on their courses in dental prosthetics and specialist surgery, he had the opportunity to create different types of prostheses, including treating oncological patients.
Following his friendship with Riccardo Puccini, in 2006 they set up the new venture Accioli e Puccini, which moved to the present location in 2010.
In 2009 he lectured at the master’s class on “removable prostheses fixed on intra-bone implants and natural teeth” at the University of Florence for the Dentistry degree.
In 2010 he spoke at the Phibo event: “The Latest in Prosthetic Implants” in the course for the specialisation in Dental Surgery in Florence.
He has attended many development courses on different metal-free techniques. His passion for photography leads him to specialise in cosmetic dentistry.
– Course in individual aesthetics with Antonello Rossi
– The leading course in Europe, Digital Smile Design, technology and cosmetic dentistry treatment plans with Andrea Ricci and Christian Coachman, as well as attending the three successive editions, working together to develop the course
– Course in functional modelling with Claudio Nannini
– Specialisation course in ceramics “The Fascination on IPS E-Max” with Oliver Brix
– Theoretical-practical master’s on a patient, “Ceramic Veneers” with Nikolaos Perakis and Michel Magne
– Specialisation course in cosmetic dentistry with Shigeo Kataoka
– Course in complete dentures on a patient with Alessandro Ielasi and Alessio Casucci

Associate of AIOP since 2006 and IAED since 2011.
National partner of Ivoclar Vivadent for fixed prostheses since 2014.
Today, along with his fellow partner Riccardo Puccini, he owns the modern laboratory Accioli & Puccini, collaborating with renowned studios and developing his abilities, particularly in the field of aesthetics in ceramics which we develop including PRESS for lithium disilicate as well as CAD/CAM for zirconia since 2006.
Passion for the job, participation in various academies and attendance at many conferences keep him constantly updated on the world of dentistry.

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