Gianni Rosso

Dental technician

Born in Udine in 1954 – graduated from the INDUSTRIAL TECHNICAL INSTITUTE “ENRICO FERMI” – PERUGIA in 1985.
Member of ANTLO – AIOP – member of the prosthetic dentistry study group “Porta Mascarella” of Bologna.
Gianni has always dedicated much of his time to personal development, attending courses, conferences and national and international events.
From 1969 to 1979 he worked in various laboratories, gaining experience in fixed and combined prostheses.
From 1979 to 1986 he owned and managed the fixed prostheses department of the laboratory which was operated at the time by the leading dental technician, Derio Zannier.
Since then he has worked in partnership with several studios, but especially the Friulian Dental Studio of doctors Mario Fonzar, Alberto Fonzar and Federica Fonzar, specialising in periodontal prostheses and implants.
In 1986 he created a new laboratory in Udine. Here, with the aid of a stereomicroscopy and new technologies, pursuing a path designed to improve his professionalism within the field.

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